Details of A Tale of Magic

by Chris Colfer


Brystal Evergreen has always lived in the gender-separated Southern Kingdom, where women can't read (or do much of anything, really) and magic is severely outlawed. This is why on the night she breaks not one, but BOTH of those rules, she's expected never to see the light of day again. Enter Madame Weatherberry, a kind old fairy (NOT a witch) who is working to convince the world that magic isn't as bad as it seems. When Madame Weatherberry begins to obtain injuries while helping her "sick friend," Brystal and her newfound friends set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Despite its cliche name, A Tale of Magic is all BUT cliche. It's a fantastic story about friendship, justice, unfairness, and, of course, MAGIC. *Note:* Chris Colfer also has some other amazing books, including The Land of Stories Series (the Tale of Magic books are the prequels to this series, but you don't need to read one or the other first to understand the plot) and A Tale of Witchcraft, the sequel to A Tale of Magic.


This book has 266 pages.

Grade Level

The book is most appropriate for kids in grades 6-8.


The rating of the book "A Tale of Magic" is 10 out of 10!