Details of The List of Things That Will Not Change

by Rebecca Stead


Beatrice has a story to tell, about practice butter, getting a sister, her cousin Angelica, rabies shots, spelling parties, the sound of corn growing, and her dad's second wedding day, but it's much harder than she thought. When her parents got divorced, they gave her a green spiral notebook filled with a list of things that will not change. But everything is changing much faster than she thought. How long will it be before everything she's done comes back to bite her, and will her dad's wedding or her cousin's safety be endangered in the process? The List of Things That Will Not Change is another amazing Rebecca Stead book about mistakes and forgiveness, and all in all, an absolute 10. I highly recommend it to everyone looking for a captivating story, and I also recommend checking out Rebecca Stead's other books, including "When You Reach Me," "Goodbye Stranger," and "Liar & Spy."


This book has 224 pages.

Grade Level

The book is most appropriate for kids in grades 3-5.


The rating of the book "The List of Things That Will Not Change" is 10 out of 10!