Details of The Secret Keepers

by Trenton Lee Stewart


The city of New Umbra has long been regulated and controlled by The Smoke, whose will is acted out by The Counselor, and policed by the paranoid Directions, always looking four ways. It would seem impossible to keep a secret from these men. Fast forward to when a young Reuben Pedley stumbles upon a sphere-shaped pocket watch in a handsome wooden case with a hidden gift- and a hidden curse. The case's mysterious inscription leads him on a wild goose chase, where he meets the rebellious Penny and the mysterious Jack, with their own family history and hidden stories to add to the pile. As they race to make a plan, Reuben begins to wonder- is knowing a secret a gift or a curse? I rated this book a 10 out of 10. It's a fantastic mystery novel written in the very compelling style of Trenton Lee Stewart, with plenty of funny moments and strong characters. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone looking for something to read.


This book has 512 pages.

Grade Level

The book is most appropriate for kids in grades 6-8.


The rating of the book "The Secret Keepers" is 10 out of 10!